Water/Sewer Policy

New residents are asked to come in and fill out a Water Application (name, address, own/rent, phone number etc.). At that time they are required to pay a deposit of $100 if they are in the Village limits (this is for water and sewer), or $50 if you live outside of the Village limits (for only water). Meters are read on the 15th of each month (unless that is a weekend-then it will be read on the following Monday). Water bills are sent out approximately 5 days later and due on the 15th of the following month. Any bills received after the 15th (once again if it lands on a weekend-they are due that following Monday) will be assessed a 10% penalty fee (which is stated on the bill). After 2 months of non-payments, water will be shut off, you will be assessed a reconnect fee $50 (first time offense) $75 (second offense) $100 (3rd or more offense). Your water WILL NOT be turned back on until your prior bills AND shut-off fee is paid. If payment is not received during regular business hours, your water will not be turned on until the next business day. If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds, we will charge you a $25 fee and for one year you can ONLY PAY with CASH OR MONEY ORDER.

Should you incur a water leak we do a ONCE A YEAR water bill adjustment. If there is a leak on the property owners side of the meter, property owner is responsible for any repairs. If the meter is inside the home, the Village’s responsibility stops at the property line. If you are building a new house, there will be a $500 tap on fee for water and $500 tap on fee for sewer.